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Can a US embassy issue 2 visas at the same time ?

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I currently hold valid unused J1, I will travel at the end of this month to attend medical rotation. I was invited to attend medical clerkship that's beyond the date of my current J1 with few days.I was encouraged to get B1 Visa to attend that clerkship.
My J1 doesn't have the 2 year rule,so I can change status while I am in US,However, this may take 3-6 months based on current processing times. and if it's denied,I will be considered " out of status " and overstaying my current J1. I don't want to take that risk.

And of course, it doesn't make any sense to travel back back from US to my home country just to apply for a new B1 visa, then return back again to US in two weeks !!
that's money consuming. and I don't want to apply in Canada.
So, Can I apply Now in my home country for B1 Visa?

I will explain to the consular that I will be admitted under J1 to complete my first rotation then have a short trip to Mexico or Bahamas, then be admitted again under B1 to complete the second rotation. And if he asked me regarding changing status while in US, I will tell him that it will take 3-6 months, and I need to return to my home country by the end of Dec.

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They might do that, particularly if you are carrying substantiating documentation. However, they might cancel the J1 and have you do both on the B.