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Can a university deny the financial aid package(loan) which was there to be disbursed and now bill the student in full?

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My son's financial aid package was "held up" halfway thru his term. His academic progress status changed from "passing" to "failing" in the middle of October??? . His attendance was contingent upon his financial aid. The loans were approved and the disbursement schedule was set. I was told the reimbursement check was in the mail(which was to pay for his housing & meals at his frat house). At the end of term he was academically dismissed and his aid package cancelled. They are now billing him in full for the term and he is in collections with the fraternity. Can they deny the money that was offered from the loan and bill us instead? His transcripts are being held hostage - he can't obtain them to attend another school until the balance of $14,000 is paid in full. How can they do this???

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This doesn't sound right. It appears your son is getting railroaded. More information is needed to determine the next step forward. Set up a free consultation with a Philadelphia lawyer. Good luck.

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