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Can a university change a students balance based on the error of a campus employee?

Richardson, TX |

I am taking a course at a Texas university. I had an advisor register me for a course that could only be registered by an advisor. There is no way for the student to register for the particular course.

3/4 through the course the same advisor sends an e-mail stating she realized she registered the student for the wrong course and needs him to come and sign the paperwork to make everything right.

The advisor registered the student for a 1 hour course instead of a 3 hour course, but there was no way for the student to realize this.

A day later the school informs the student he has 7 days to pay an additional 800 dollars for the new credit hours added.

As this is all caused by an error of administration and not by the student should the student be liable? Is there any room for a suit?

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No sound grounds for suit. You haven't been legally damaged. If the advisor had done it right in the first place, you would have been on the hook for the additional $800. The advisor's error does not entitle you to the windfall of a pass on the regular fee.

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