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Can a ultrasound tech cause a miscarriage by a transvaginal ultrasound? is this negligence? is this medical malpractice?

Lake Forest, CA |

the u/s took 2 hours
she was stating a comment about a fibroid which i thought only doctors could do
she was rough with the probe i could feel the pressure/ pain all the way to my navel and hip bones
the tech was being rude and wasnt sure if she was purposely causing pain to me
she had turned the monitor so i couldnt see what exactly she was trying to find

im not sure if this is all quite normal. i reported the incident to my obgyn he had told me IF i was going to miscarry she could have pushed against my tube to get a blood clot moving.. so if that is possible is it possible to put enough pressure on my tubes and squish an egg? i know the obgyn's say stay away from rough intercourse to prevent a m/c but this was definitely rough.

After my u/s in the ER not even 24hrs later i had started bleeding i called my OB to speak with a nurse about my bleeding i was told she would relay the info to a nurse that could help me that it would take no longer than 10mins in the meantime the hospital called to check up on me i told them i had just spoke with someone at my DRs office about my bleeding that i was going to get a call but asked if i should just come in to the ER in fear of a m/c she said let me call you right back im going to call the DR office. she had found out no one relayed my info that they had all gone to lunch. The next day i had a follow up u/s to make sure i completely miscarried and that i didn't need a DNC. i had asked that u/s tech at the obgyn office how long a u/s is suppose to take and would pain be caused? she told me NO absolutely no pain should occur and it should take no longer than 20 minutes MAX. She could tell i was in pain and felt swollen & kept apologizing for the previous nurses actions.

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Very unfortunate series of events. The only way to find out if there is a viable claim is to consult with a local medical malpractice attorney.


Although it does sound unusual there are so many things that can cause a miscarriage unless a pathologist did an analysis or if one wasps single it may be impossible for ou to prove a causal relationship. I am truly sorry for your loss - call a local lawyer for specific device.


A local malpractice lawyer can be consulted to investigate

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