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Can a trespass order against me be challenged in the court and how

Clackamas, OR |

I was involved in a argument with a security in a business park that houses about 50 different companies open to public. The security called the police and they filed a trespass order against me and said if i step one foot on the property i will be arrested I do business with multiple companies on that property is there a was I can challenge the trespass order and get it lifted i did absolutely nothing wrong the security randomly approached me and asked to see my ID and I refused to show it to him then he blocked my vehicle and had the police come and told me I have to leave and can’t come back on the property, he filed a report with the department and told me if I step foot on the property i will be arrested for criminal trespass

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Attorney answers 1


I'm sorry the security officer was such a jerk. He had no right to demand your ID. I can't tell if the company just has an internal order saying that they will call the police if you return to the property, or if they filed something with the local law enforcement. If you have a legitimate, business-related reason to be on the property, then you should probably consult an attorney in your home town (ask around for someone who has a good relationship with the local police department) to see if you can counter their order with a harassment complaint or otherwise clear up the misunderstanding. He had no right to block your vehicle, either, as long as you were there peacefully. Good luck!