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Can a traffic misdemeanor affect you getting a job?

Peoria, IL |

A few months ago, I bought a car and moved out of state. I had temporary tags on the car, and was supposed to receive the registration in the mail. Unfortunately, I got into a very bad accident before receiving the registration, and the car was totaled. The officer who came to the accident gave me a court date for "attached tags not assigned". I now have a criminal court date (for a misdemeanor), but because I have sent the judge all of the paperwork from the dealership saying that I bought the car, and proof of plates, etc, the court date is a motion to dismiss my case. I was offered a job in a different state a few days ago, and they are going to perform a background check and whatnot, will this show up and affect me getting the job?

Also, I wasn't actually arrested for the charges. Thank you for all of your answers!

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Dismissed case should not matter. Might want to expunge


Go ahead and expunge the record.

A dismissal is not a conviction.

The arrest remains, to clear it by expunge process


It could show up but i doubt a traffic ticket will prevent you from being hired.


This should not affect getting the job. Get and keep a copy of the order dismissing your case. Also, you can expunge the record as well.


First of all, it's just an arrest now. Second, if it's the prosecutor's MTD, you should be golden. In some States "Attached Tags Not Assigned" is actually an anti-theft, anti-chop shop measure and can be a felony, so make sure the dismissal actually goes through. Sounds like you're in good shape though. Good luck in the new gig.