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Can a ticket be changed in court?

Channahon, IL |

My brother was given a ticket for passing a stopped school bus; and in the ticket the officer wrote that he violated a Local Ordinance; and not ILCS. However; he wrote down the ordinance number of the ILCS Chapter 70, Act 11, section 1414 law against passing a stopped school bus. When my brother goes to court; can they change what the ticket wrote; or what will most likely happen? he seems to think that the charges will be dropped just because the ticket was written wrong.

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The charges will not be dropped but rather amended if in error. Passing a stopped school bus is a serious traffic offense which could lead to suspension of a license for a few months. Your brother should hire a lawyer and seek a reduced charged charge if possible rather than counting on getting this ticket dismissed.



Yes; i know that the law states that if you're convicted of passing a stopped school bus then you face a mandatory 3 month suspension of your drivers license and a $150 fine; i just wanted to know whether or not they could change a ticket in court. Thank you for your answer.

Judy A. Goldstein

Judy A. Goldstein


It will depend upon whether the prosecutor feels generous. The better the defense counsel, the more likely this could be accomplished.


The charges will not be dropped. The law is liberal about amending charges. The charge will be amended, if necessary, and the court will proceed on the corrected charge.

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