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Can a three year old arrest be used in a custody modification, or is it too old to be considered?

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50/50 residence. Florida. parent arrested for shoplifting, child (8) was with parent. Knife present on parent. child released to step parent. parent charged with indusing a minor to be delinquent. custody modification has been pending 1 and half years, several other issues, just want to know if arrest can still be considered or if the judge will brush it off due to it being 3 yrs ago.

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It could be used but the weight given the evidence will be up to the judge. Generally the older a case is the less it will be considered by the court.

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Three years is not that old. The Florida evidence code genrally says that convicvictions generally can't be used after 10 years.

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The question is whether or not it is a conviction. Evidence of convictions can be introduced in court for up to ten years. It is up to the judge to decide whether or not it is relevant. However, a parent who is inducing the child to engage in shoplifting does not sound like a good parent.

However, if there was no conviction, using that arrest as character evidence may not be easy. You should consult with an attorney.

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