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Can a tenent be evicted for no reason?

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i have been on time with my rent for the entire time lived here-3 years, and i had a verbal agreement with the landlord regarding me having my cats live there-they are neutered/spayed and aren't a problem; the only one that arose i ws ready and willing with a solution, and he appeared satisfied at the time. now he is evicting me, stating to me that he "is pacifying the tenant upstairs", who moved in two months ago.

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A landlord can file a holdover proceeding after the expiration of a lease. Payment of rent is not a solution.

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Dear can a tenant be evicted for no reason?

Unless the tenant is rent regulated, New York law does not require that the landlord have a reason for a decision to evict either at the end of a lease, or for a termination of a month to month tenancy. A tenant may defend against a termination of a month to month tenancy on a claim that the eviction proceeding is in the nature of a retaliation against the tenant for making complaints about the building or repairs, if the tenant could prove making those complaints within a six month-window before the landlord served the termination of tenancy notice.

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