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Can a tenant send other residents of the property news that she is suing the LL and not be a nuisance?

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My friend (seriously, not me) sent letters to fellow tenants informing them of a lawsuit she filed against the landlord for some serious habitability issues (after over a year of complaints, etc.). Half the residents threatened to sue HER and/or turn her in to the property manager as a nuisance if she continued to send them anything. She thought she had to send them notice that the landlords were being sued, so is worried about this new development. Can they sue her for that AND is she considered a nuisance under California law for trying to inform her immediate neighbors? Can she be evicted for this? Thanks in advance.

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It's not a nuisance, but since the neighbors don't want the correspondence, she should stop. It is unlikely she'll be evicted because it will look like the landlord is retaliating for the habitability complaint, which is illegal.

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Why would she think she had to send a letter to other tenants? The other attorney is right about not sending the neighbors anything. Honestly, this case sounds a little strange. Why would neighbors threaten to sue her over getting something in the mail once? I think there is more to this story than is contained in your question. If this is something that seriously needs to be addressed you can call my office for a consultation.

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The other tenants told her informally to stop "stirring things up" and to just "live with the problems [habitability]" as they do. They also accused her of violating their privacy rights. The property manager told my friend to notify the other tenants, so she did, then they basically turned on her.

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