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Can a tenant renovate the property and home he is renting, get evicted, and sue under quantum Merit if he has no qualifications?

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Can a tenant renovate a home (elec., plumbing, structural, central heat & air)with no license, permits or qualifications . And than civil sue the landlord under Quantum Merit (jury trial). I am 3/4's into my court suit, the jury awarded the tenant $75,000 under Quantum Merit, the Judge has not signed the jury verdict yet. I have a counter suit which the judge says was heard during the quantum merit jury trial.......News to me since I was supposed to have a bench trial, I had a licensed contractor in court, who gave testamony of the most horrific work he has ever seen, and that nothing met code what so ever. I have recently been cited by my local county code enforcement for code violations, and given 30 days to tear out and correct the renovations. Can a unlicensed tenant do this?

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I think the answer to your can they is yes, since they did. Not sure what happened at trial, and yes both claims can be tried together if jury trial was asked for by either party. It would seem very unfair for you to be responsible for work that does not pass code and does not have appropriate permitting. The fact that it was done by anunlicensed person is less of a problem. Did you handle this case on your own? It seems like the time has come to get an attorney who can properly convey your legal arguments the Court. The Court can still rule in your favor on the law if the tenant failed to prove up its claim from a legal standpoint. Apparently whatever you have done to do date has not conveyed your arguments. It is now time ot change.


If you did not have an attorney you need to get one immediately. The tenant may be liable for 'waste' which could offset the quantum meruit claim that he is asserting. Did you give the tenant permission to renovate the property? If you do not already have an attorney you may contact me to discuss this matter

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