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Can a temporary guardian of a minor take her out of state without the parents permission?

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My cousin In Massachusetts got temporary guardianship of my runaway daughter, and is letting her do whatever she want s in Ma. She recently allowed her 26 year old daughter to take my daughter out of state to NJ and NY without my permission. They have no respect for my parental rights. I live in Florida and the reason she has my daughter is to spite me because we do not get along. She went to court making false statements, and they gave her temporary custody. She works for an attorney so it's a law firm against me 1,500 miles away. She told me she doesn't want my daughter, and she is only doing this because my daughter doesn't want to live in Florida. She has my daughter living with her mother in another apartment in the same building . I thought she had to live with her.

She didn't take my daughter out os state to live, but she is letting my daughter leave Ma and go to NY and NJ on vacation. I don't want my daughter in NY with those people even if just for vacation. What if something were to happen to her in NY, and in NJ she was at the projects in Newark. I have nothing against the people that live in projects, but the neighborhood is very bad.

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Your question indicates that there was court action in MA. You will need to get advice from a MA lawyer. Guardianship and custody can be very different so if you have copies of any of the court papers - that will help your lawyer give better advice.