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Can a teenager go in and pack one's things when being kicked out of their parents home?

Columbus, OH |

She is 12 years of age and has recently been kicked out of her home, but isn't allowed to go back and get her things. Is this legal?

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Her parents are still responsible for a 12 year old. They could be in trouble. But the child owns her possessions an d shod be allowed to collect them.


You can't just put a 12 year old child out of the home. What are they thinking? Is there anyone who can apply for custody or guardianship of the child? If children's services are called, she will probably wind up in foster care which isn't the optimal solution.

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Before worrying about her things, call Children's Services and get them involved. Putting a child out of their home is unthinkable. Someone needs to step up and think of this child's welfare first.

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