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Can a taxpayer get copy of a report prepared for county government by an outside contracted lawyer?

Ocean City, MD |

A county government hires a consultant to come up with recommendations to prevent lots of record from being allowed to hook up into sewer coming into an established community.

The attorney gives presentation at a public meeting highlighting example of how to prevent lot owners from connecting. She states "We can stop lots from connecting by stating that lots having any non-tidal wetlands cannot be built on. Of course if they take it to court you will lose, but if they don't and time passes it will be too late. If they do, then you just keep using the other suggestions I've prepared for you." This report was passed out to a public advisory board composed of citizens.

As taxpayer directly affected by county decisions regarding sewer, am I entitled to get copy of what my taxes paid for?

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The answer to your question will depend on the exact language of your state's open government law. You will need to consult with a lawyer or legal aid office in your local jurisdiction for a reliable answer.