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Can a student loan company report a bad credit rating if you are making an effort, and monthly payments?

Okemos, MI |

The payments are lower than what the minimum they are willing to receive, but its all I can afford right now. I have tried to work with them. I sent them a copy of my tax return and proof of all my out going payments. They reported bad to the credit agency and lower my score 200 points. What can I do to fight this?

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If you are not making your installment payments according to the agreement, your lender can report that to the credit bureaus. Anything the lender reports to the Credit Bureaus must be accurate. If there is an inaccurate reporting, you can dispute it directly with the lender and the credit bureaus. In order to stop the adverse credit reportings and begin to repair your credit, you will have to resolve the defaults in your installment payments. Some ways to resolve the defaults are to pay all back amounts due, modify the installment agreement with the lender, settle the debt, or pay off the debt in full.

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The truth, not good intentions, is all that matters on your credit report and in the eyes of the law. If you do not pay according to the terms of the contract, your creditors have no obligation to work with you & they may report your failure to live up to the terms of the contract and even sue you to collect. Hope this perspective helps!


Unfortunately, the best answer to your questions is... "it depends." It depends on the payment arrangements reached with the lender, whether this is a Federal or Private student loan, and the stage of your loans non-payment. You would be best advised to discuss with a Student Loan Lawyer.