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Can a store parking lot tow my car without prior notification to me that its being towed?

Castro Valley, CA |

My car was parked in a Rite Aid store parking lot. My registration was expired however I had a DMV 30 day Registration extension sticker on my back window. I park my vehicle there sometimes because I dont have enough parking space at my home for 2 vehicles.I live in a mobile home park and have only 1 parking space . I alternate back and forth parking my vehicle on the street in front of the mobil home park or across the street at Rite Aide. There are signs that say vehicle will be towed with phone number of the towing facility. I parked my car in the store parking lot on 5/20/09 . When I went to drive it the next day 5/21/09 my car was gone. I never received any notice from the towing co. or Rite Aide that my car was being towed. Can I get reimbursed the money it cost me to get my car?

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Nope. You have no right to store your care in the Rite Aid lot. They were within their rights to tow it.

In the reverse, do you think it would appropriate for them to store merchandise without your permission in your home if they did not have room at the store?


Sorry, but Rite Aid has no obligation to notify you that your car will be towed from its property after your repeated use of the lot as your own satellite parking facility. The registration status is irrelevant - they finally got ticked off that you were constantly parking your cars on their lot and had it towed. The lot is intended for the use of their customers.


I concur with Mr. Garner and Mr. Dane. The store had no obligation to notify you and you have no recourse against the store.

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