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CAN A STORAGE UNIT KEEP MY TAX RETURNS and vital records for non payment? They have made an error in billing and I am disputing

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I am disputing the bill amount so they added $350 in late fees, lien fees, adminstrative fees so now its not worth the value of the contents. I am planning on taking them to small claims but in the meantime, How can I get my file cabinets filed with personal information and tax returns, etc. Also I tried to get my things out last month but he gave me an incorrect bill so I cant get my stuff and he keeps adding to the bill even though I wanted to remove my things. I had another unit they say i owed on so they added to this unit and within 30 days of opening the new one he added fees for lien sale etc

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You are having a contractual dispute over your storage unit. The fact that you kept tax records in there which you now need is really of no concern. If I were you I would try to find a way to amicably settle the matter so you can be done with it. I don't know if there is an important reason at the moment that you need the tax records but that is probably way more important than a tiff over a storage unit.

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One option is that you can pay the bill, get all of your items out of storage and then sue the storage facility in small claims for your money back. That will get you your tax returns, end the problem, prevent future charges and a lien sale of all of your items. Pay the amount with a dispute letter explaining you are only paying to stop the process. Then after that is done, send a letter by certified mail, return receipt requested demanding your money back and then go to small claims. There are attorneys who will do the letter(s) for you at affordable prices. Good luck.

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