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Can a step mother complete the hippa form for my son and only give permission to release info to my ex-husband? (she took him ER

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My son's stepmother took him to the emergency room after being injured playing baseball. I was out of town. I called hospital to see how he was. The step mom filled out hippa form and only put father's name on the form so they could not release information to me. I asked to speak with a supervisor. Another woman (dawn)said that my ex called in to provide social security and medical information. So, therefore they said he could be listed on the form. However, after talking to my ex, he said he never spoke with the hospital. So, I called them back and the supervisor said it was never written in the chart. They said they just assumed she was mother.

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She can because she did. Typically, the hospital is more concerned with providing medical treatment than trying to determine whether the person who brought the injured person in has legal authority to complete forms, etc. The step-mother did not violate any laws unless she is a named party in a custody case involving your son and has been court ordered to include you on all forms. HIPPA rights usually protect records from being released to people and are not really designed to assure that all those who have authority to obtain records are listed. This is more of an issue you should be consulting your ex about so that he can discuss it with his wife and request that in any future similar situations you are also named on the appropriate charts and forms.