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Can a state change your conviction from misdemeanor to fugitive felony charges if you violate probation and move out of state?

Kansas City, KS |

Several years ago I was convicted of misdemeanor charges and placed on probation. I violated by going out of state and never returning. However, I made my probation officer aware that I was relocating at that time. She never got back with me and I just continued to pay my fines, until they came to Florida to get me by changing my charges to felony charges. I made the officer aware that my charges were misdemeanor and as he read deeper in the report he noted I was right, but stated since he already had me he had to take me in. Anyway, kansas came and got me from Florida and I did 365 days in the county. I don't feel this was fair and my life has not been the same since. Is there anything I can do or anyone I can sue?

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Who would you sue and why? You were convicted on something you admit.

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