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Can a school refuse to return a medical form to parent they were asked to fill out?

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My son likely has ADHD, I asked the teacher to fill out a questionnaire from our psychologist as a part of the diagnoses process. School did not ask for a diagnose, the appointment was made prior to me meeting with them in regards to this matter. They called me and said it is filled out but need me to sign a release of some sort and then they will fax/mail it to the doctor. I would prefer to pick it up but they are refusing to give it to me. Can they legally keep my form that I have paid for through our private insurance?

It is a public school.

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This author does not see a specific legal issue here. Frankly more facts are needed. What kind of release does the school wish the parent to sign?

Other than not providing additional information to the diagnosing doctor, how is the failure to return the form, impacting the parent? Is it impacting the insurance rates or a co-pay? Why would the parent not want to sign the release? Is it one for medical information about the child? If so, ins't the parent going to put the child's medical conditions into dispute anyway?

This author, based on these facts does not see an issue for which there is a legal remedy.

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