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Can a school refuse a a parent/teacher meeting?

Paris, KY |

i live in Kentucky. recently my son has had an issue with a teacher. i wanted a meeting with her to discuss this issue. i sent several emails and made calls. then 3 days later a meeting was set. i go into the meeting and learn the teacher would not attend the meeting. was told she was too sick to walk down the steps to the principals office. so i asked for another meeting. it has been at least 4 days since the one with the principal and now one is set in April. i was told today that the teacher would again not be attending the meeting. is this legal for them to deny me twice a meeting with the teacher?

my son is autistic and i wanted a meeting to discuss his work in class and to get a grade over turned.

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Well, the first time the teacher was sick (or so she said), what was the reasoning you were given for not attending the April meeting? Is this a private or public school? What was the exact issue your son had with her? How old is your son? Is your son special needs?

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If your son is autistic then he is likely on an individual educational program. The IEP team can be called together to address any issues your son is having in his program. His teacher is part of the team and would be asked to participate in the IEP team meeting. If that doesn't happen you have the right to file a complaint with the school, and if it is interfering with your son's IEP there are other steps you can take. You should consult an educational lawyer who deals with special education issues. She/he will be able to guide you on addressing the needs of your child with the school and how to raise issues of compliance with federal and state special education law.
Best of luck!

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