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Can a Repo man enter a closed garage in Texas to take my car away if I owe money?

Houston, TX |

I'm a month behind and I have not been able to pay a title loan because of a difficult situation I am at right now. Could someone come and enter a closed garage to take my car away legally?

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To my knowledge, no creditor can breach the peace to get property. However, you cannot hide property either. This would mean that a repo agent could not break into a closed garage to get a car. However, the company could demand that you leave it somewhere where they could get it or sue to get it back.

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No a repo man cant enter a closed garage. If the garage door is down and none of the doors are open, they cannot enter regardless if the doors to the garage are locked or not.

If the garage door is open then they can enter to get the car.

You might have a lawsuit against the repo company for wrongful reposession.

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