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Can a relative fund my bank for the I-864 affidavit of support, so I can sponsor my wife (I am a US Citizen) for green card?

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I make no money right now, and so I will get my bank account funded to 3X the poverty guideline for a household of 2 by a relative while I file the petition and during the visa processing, and once she gets here, the relative would however want to get his funds back. Is this doable? Would simply showing a funded account in my name work, even though at any given time that money could easily be given back to the relative?

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No. And you should not be discussing a scenario like this on a public internet site. Discuss with an attorney the feasibility of a co-sponsor. Immigration is not satisfied with a bank balance, but wants documentation of steady income.

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I agree with my colleague.

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You should ask that reltive to be a joint sponsor, not fund your bank account. Please consult with an immigration lawyer to advise you appropriately.

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