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Can a registered sex offender in Ky(3rd degree) win custody of child?

Florence, KY |

I have 2 more years to register. My daughter is 4 months old and she has changed my life. My girlfriend has never worked, and lives with her mother on welfare. They are always partying and I don't want my daughter raised in this environment. I don't have a great job due to my history, but am trying to support them the best I can. My mother would be able to help me out if I could get custody.

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Custody is either done by agreement or decided by the court. Your prior offense will be one of many factors the court will consider. You need a lawyer who will address this and makes sure the court hears about any other issues you have in the case. Since this involves your child, this may be the most important case you ever have. Make sure it gets done right the first time. You need to get your evidence on the record and keep out stuff that may factor against you. It can be very difficult to change something later if it is not done right the first time.

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