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Can a registered sex offender get joint custody of kids?

Hemet, CA |

my kids father broke in beat and raped me, and then attempted suicide in front of our 3 kids.march 21 2010. he plead guilty and now is a registered sex offender, he is out of jail and now trying to get joint custody of our kids. I moved 11 hours away coz of him stalking me when he got out.i am now having to go back and forth to court at his whim every time the kids tell him anything we have done ( we moved in with my fiance, they are changing schools coz they have completed their grade,) i currently have full legal and physical custody of my kids.

if looking at his charges you could better answer my question.. just say.. i can provide his information. we where together for over 15 yrs but never married....

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Attorney answers 2


Yes he could. It is all dependent on the facts and the judge. I have seen a case where the father had was a sex offender and had joint custody but still supervised. There are so many factors that nobody could say what will happen.

This is just my opinion and not a comprehensive answer. You assume the risk because this answer may not apply to your situation depending on the facts.


I agree with the other attorney. I had a case where the registered sex offender had custody of the minor child. It all depends on the facts of the specific custody case and all the facts surrounding how the person became a registered sex offender.

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he became a registered sex offender from the night he broke into my home and attacked me...