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Can a recanting witness overturn a 10-year old deferred adjudication?

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Deferred adjudication successfully completed 10-years ago. Since then, two (2) of the witnesses' documents have been found (a handwritten journal entry, and years later an affidavit that the witness intentionally fabricated evidence for the purpose of giving a false police report. )

Is it possible to take this new evidence to court to get the deferred adjudication withdrawn and then acquired or dismissed?

Also then case has already been successfully sealed under 411.081 Tex Gov Code. But I want to be exhonerated for actual innocence, thus overturn the DAdj.

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I think the only way you'd get this done is with the ADA on your side. So, it's possible they would agree if the evidence is super compelling....

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I agree that you should bring it up with the District Attorney's office to see if they would support an actual acquittal instead of a deferred adjudication and then you could potentially have any record of it expunged instead of just sealed. However, if the DA's office won't listen, you may have to file a motion to get their attention.

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I agree with the above. Get an attorney on board with the mitigating evidence and see if they can get the DA's office to agree to allow for expunction of the charge.

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Do not talk to the DA's office without first consulting with an experienced habeas attorney. You might have some powerful evidence for a writ, but it is not clear from the limited information you've posted. You need to do a full investigation in private before approaching the DA.

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