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Can a prosecutor ethically retract a plea agreement offer when he/she already reeped the benefits of what the Defendant provided

Indianapolis, IN |

My son was offered a plea agreement in return for a confession and confidential informant work performed by his father. As a result of the CI work, the Prosecutor secured criminal charges against 2 other people. The prosecutor stated my son had until the scheduled court date to decide whether or not to sign the plea agreement, which was only 5 days away and then after 48 hours she retracted that offer. On the court date she presented a plea agreement with almost no benefit to my son. In addition, she added a habitual offender charge that resulted in conviction and an extra 30 years prison time. The original plea agreement which he didn't have a chance to sign, agreed to no habitual offender charge.

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The one to ask about it is your son's attorney. If he does not have an attorney he needs one. Are you in federal court or in state court? The question you ask is very difficult and the answer depends on the facts of the individual case. Small details could make a big difference in the outcome. Do not post about this matter online anymore. Avvo is not confidential. No internet site is confidential. This needs a lawyer's individual attention.


I agree with the first lawyer that answered your question in that you should not be discussing your case on social media. However you may visit my website at and either call or send me an e-mail and I will be happy to speak to you about your case on the phone where it is confidential.

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