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Can a process server come to your house at any hour of the day or night to serve papers?

Sacramento, CA |

what hours can they come to your house?

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Your home is your castle.
That being said, you must control your castle.
If you don't want people coming over at certain hours, you might want to consider posting a notice to that effect.
People do come and go from their own homes, and entertain visitors at all odd hours.

I am not aware of any statute that limits specifically what times they try to serve you.
If there was a law on that, perhaps you could go fill out a report with the sheriff or file a lawsuit. Well, if you do that, what would make it easier for them to serve you with the documents that you are avoiding?

I detect that your question is based on your avoiding service of some papers.
They aren't going to go away. Perhaps your avoidance might be tactical, but they can serve you via mail, newspaper advertisements, and some people have even been served by email and even FaceBook.

I suggest that you consult an attorney to confirm that your strategy is worth it or not. An initial consultation with an attorney could go a long way towards helping you to put your best foot forward.

See an attorney in your area, as this isn't legal advice.

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