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Can a probation officer tell you that you can't live together or get married?

Rochester, MN |

My fiance is currently on probation after getting convicted of a level 4 sex offence. He is not assigned a risk level and his information is private. Now we want to live together but his probation officer won't let us. We thought about getting married now instead of in a few months but would we need her permission to do so? Or if we did get married could he get kicked out of his therapy classes that are a term of his probation? Also I have a completely clean record and am not a minor so I don't understand her reasoning.

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You'll want to take a look at your fiance's sentencing order and probation contract. Those are the only conditions of your fiance's probation. If the probation officer cannot prohibit your fiancé from doing something that isn't on that list.

Also if your fiancé has been through sex offender treatment look at his discharge recommendations. The probation officer may also be trying to enforce those recommendations, which he can do.

If you are unsure, ask the PO to point out the specific condition of probation he is enforcing.