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Can a probation officer prevent a marriage?

Cheyenne, WY |

I have never been involved in legal problems so I'm not sure what they can and can't do . My fiancée is a felon on probation for a total of 2 years with only 5 months completed . He recently told his probation officer about us and she completely freaked out . If there is nothing in his court papers restricting the relationship , can the probation officer make this judgement on her own ?

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It seems like there is more to this than is being shared. I see situations in which both individuals are on probation/parole. Or if this puts her into contact with drugs or alcohol that she is supposed to avoid. Beyond that, I would not see this being an issue.

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A probation officer has a lot of power and use of discretion over a probationer. He needs to review carefully the written terms of his probation and the Court's sentencing order. I would suspect there is a restriction against association with convicted felons.

If this becomes a real issue, contact a criminal defense attorney to discuss this with the PO, and failing that, file a motion with the court.

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