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Can a probate judge in ohio expunge mental health records without the patients' request if hospitalwas voluntary or involuntary?

Windham, OH |

I was hospitalized in a state hospital for what was belived attemped suicide because my wife wanted a divorce etc... each report from police forward snowballed me by assumption / exaggeration . i was held 8 days .there many errors on their documents regarding voluntary /involuntary status. I requested probate docs to fight the bill. my records were expunged without my knowledge or request. and so much more about my rights being violated. all agencies involved are ignoring my rights and complaint. I still haven't received a complaint form from county.US or state agencies after 18 months

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I'm not sure I understand your question. If your mental health records were expunged, then you are deemed to have never been admitted to the state hospital for mental health evaluation. If that is the case, do you really want your record to open to background searches and required disclosures?

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Agreed with the prior post -- why would you want to reopen?

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