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Can a possession of marijuana charge (more than 2 oz, less than 4 oz) turn into intent to sell?

Conroe, TX |

a week and a day ago my friend was speeding and got us pulled over. the LEO said he smelled pot and searched the vehicle. they found a backpack under the passenger seat where i was sitting. when they searched the backpack they found the weed, a grinder, cigarillos, gram bags, and a scale. my friend and i both denied ownership of the backpack, but i was told by the LEO if i didnt take the blame we were both going to jail. i was only given a class a possession charge, but my sister said if they want they can slap intent to sell on me later. but i was also told by the friend i was in the vehicle with the reason i didnt get intent to sell was because i had a grinder and cigarillos on me which made it clear i smoke. help please?

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It is possible. Many things are possible. You should consult an attorney to assess the odds of this happening. You should focus on resolving this charge, because there is not likely anything you can do to prevent other charges from being filed.


Yes you can possibly charged with intent to distribute. The small baggies demonstrate more than what is needed for personal use.

You need a lawyer as soon as possible to advise you. Quit discussing your case with anyone other than your lawyer.

Cynthia Henley

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