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Can a police officer talk to your doctor with out a warrant or a signed medical consent form?

Jordan, MN |

My wife ran into some legal problems and got pulled over. The officer found an old prescription and he wanted her to sign off on a medical release form so he could talk to her doctor, I told her not to until we got an attorney. Now the officer has finally filed a complaint against her, 5th degree possession, and in it he says he got her verbal consent to talk to her doctor, which she never gave. Can a police officer talk to you doctor with out a warrant or a signed medical consent form and in this case since he did and the doctor told him specifics about her is there also a HIPPA violation case we can take against the hospital or the doctor?

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You need to speak to a criminal defense attorney, such as myself, about this case. This is obviously not a simple situation. A criminal defense attorney can dig into the records and find out what was discussed, what was said, and what the basis is for the offense.

If the officers violated her rights there may be a claim against the officer or the doctor, but the first thing that needs to happen is to have the criminal charges addressed.

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