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Can a police officer send you a ticket by mail without pulling you over. and why wouldnt he have stoped you if he seen you?

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if your license has been suspended prior to this and the officer is saying that he seen you driving but didnt stop you at the time

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some places now have traffic cams that take pictures and tickets are sent later, though an officer can personally see it and then send you a ticket. If you contest it, it is still up to them to prove it actually happened.

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Many times the officer, and the court, will have a hard time proving notice when they send you a ticket in the mail. In order for the court to suspend your driver's license, issue a warrant, or increase penalties for missing a court date they have to prove that you knew you had a court date. They run a huge risk by mailing you a ticket, unless they mail it certified mail, because the ticket could get lost in the mail, it could go to the wrong address, it could go to an old address, or it could go to your correct address but someone there could have gotten it instead.

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