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Can a police officer search my purse without asking ....

Chatsworth, GA |

i was arrested for drv w/ a susp.. lic.. but i was not drv .. when i was questioned . i was drv about ten min prior to the officer arresting me ... i had him behind about a mile back and didnt even know he was behind me . i pulled in to a turning lane into a walgreens to use the restroom it took me about 15 min total from when i pulled in and used the restroom ... and when i came outside there was 4 cop squads in the parking lot ... questioning my boyfriend ... then when i walked back to the car the officer started to question me . about why i was at walgreens if i had pulled over to get rid of the drugs we were carying .and insulted me by asking me what i was high on .cuz i looked high .i replied i have leukemia and i looked very tired and pale he took me to the p.s ... and then some .

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If an officer has a reasonable articulable suspicion that you may have a weapon on you, he may check you for his safety prior or during his questioning of you. Based on the facts as you describe them, the cop did have a right to arrest you for driving with a suspended license. once you are arrested the cop could probably go through your purse to inventory it's contents. Seeing as there are charges against you I suggest you retain an attorney and discuss ALL the facts and circumstances with him/her. S/he would be in the best position to assist you.