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Can a police officer call my employer and tell them about a complaint that was filed against me

Haddonfield, NJ |

Some one filed a complaint about me an the cop called my job to tell me about it.
She made no effort to call my home. My son was there and could have taken the information down. Is this legal?

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I am not licensed in New Jersey and maybe the laws are different there than elsewhere, but a cop unlike some professions like a debt collector is not under any constraints usually about where he can contact people or call them in doing his job. I do not know the circumstances but I'd rather hear information like that directly from the cop rather than second hand.


The short answer is YES. As my collegue pointed out, the police are not under any constraints as to who they contact when they are calling to advise about a complaint. Similarly, they could have mailed it to you at either location. The only potential issue I might have with this, is if the officer was doing this to harrass or intimidate you. This would be a very fact-dependent issue and not something that would impact the validity of the complaint filed against you. Good luck.

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