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Can a plaintiff change there story when going to trial from what they already told the police and a report is already done?

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i was charged with simple assault and I'm taking my case to trail because I wasn't at fault I had a chance to read the police report and it's just all screwed up and one of the person I had the fight with is trying to change her story because instead of having her as the victim the police put her sister who has a very bad back ground, is she able to do that because they are trying to lie now and it's not my fault the police have a number of errors. I go to court for trial April 2013

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Do not go to court without an attorney. It sounds to me this may be domestic in nature, though I may be wrong. Certain details often change between the original report and the testimony at trial. The more differences, the more likely that the Judge (or Jury) would find that it may be fabricated. The question really comes down to "will the fact finder believe a person who changes the story the originally told the police."

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Whenever a witness on the stand testifies to something different than what they previously said (and which was recorded or written down), their credibility becomes very suspect. A skilled lawyer will know how to discredit such a witness. Most criminal defendants in DC have a lawyer, either privately retained or court appointed. Make sure you do not go to court alone.


People change their stories all the time. An experienced attorney can use the differences between stories to damage the credibility of the witness and make them look bad.
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