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Can a physical rehab prevent me from leaving against my will

Lake Katrine, NY |

i was admitted to a brain injury rehb clinic 9 months ago after 2 weeks in hospital due to a blow to the head. I had no symptoms after 2 weeks.but did agree to stay for treatment of alcoholism the rehab would in turn help me apply for disability insurance as a means of me being able to get housing on release as of now of no paper work has been submitted on my behalf, I now wish to leave the rehab but they will not sign me out .without the means to get housing. I was was diagnosed with a tbi but was never treated for that would the tbi be cause to prevent me from leaving AMA.

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Without housing, it would probably be a bad idea to leave. You don't want to live on the streets.


Consult with a health care attorney.


You state that you are voluntary patient for TBI, but also that you have an alcohol problem. It is not clear whether it is being claimed that you are being held for that or the TBI or both. If you are voluntary patient and want to leave, but have been designated a psychiatric patient, this means that you wanted to admit yourself into a psychiatric hospital (assuming the facility classifies as that). If you have admitted yourself into a psychiatric hospital, you can not simply sign yourself out and leave . The hospital can ask the court to commit you. If the court orders you to stay at the hospital, you become an "involuntary patient." If you are an voluntary patient, you may request your release from the hospital by writing a short "three-day letter," asking in writing for your release from the hospital. If you ask for help, the hospital must provide you with help in making this request. Address the letter to the hospital Medical Director stating that you wish to leave. The hospital must then decide whether to release you or to ask the court for an order to keep you at the hospital.

Alternatively, if you are simply a regular patient there voluntarily, not for psychiatric reasons, you may sign yourself out against medical advice.

If you need help, you should have a 3rd party contact an attorney to help you. If you contact an attorney directly, many will not take the call from a "mental patient."

If you found this "helpful" or "best answer," please click it with my appreciation. My response is for educational purposes and does not constitute legal advice nor creates an attorney client relationship which requires all the details and a personal conference.

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