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Can a person travel out of state (fly) with a DUI conviction/pending case?

Atlanta, GA |

I have a court date for Jan 2011. I was arrested for DUI last week, and have plans to travel out of state for my birthday next week. Will I get in any kind of trouble? I am only going to be gone for four days.

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Yes. Remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, you can go out of state for the holidays as long as this does not violate the terms of your bond. Check your bond paperwork and with your bondsman if you have one to make sure that the court has not placed any certain restrictions on your travel. Get you an attorney that practices DUI law to help you in your case. If you should need information regarding DUI, please call an attorney in your area for advice.


In addition to the souns adviice previously provided, you will do well to get a Georgia ID card unless you have a passport as TSA and most airlines will required some form od picture ID to board the plane and the 1205 issued will not suffice.


Yes, you can travel out-of-state while your case is pending.


Unless there's something unusual with your bond arrangement, you can travel. Hopefully, you've already hired an attorney who can confirm this information. Your bond assures the court that you will be at every proceeding; the court can't keep track of where you go until your court date.


You are allowed to travel while your court case is pending. When you hire a lawyer to defend you of your pending DUI charge, they will probably inform you that you needn't attend the first few non-essential court dates, since a lawyer can attend those hearing for you. Remember that you will need some form of government I.D. to get through the airport, and keep in mind, that if your license is being held by the police, it may difficult to rent cars in other cities during your travels.

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