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Can a person that has 3 dui's and sentenced to 3 years in DOC in Illinois still get a green card?

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my husband has 3 dui's and is sentenced to 3 years in doc in Illinois but has a credit of 105 days and has to serve 50% of his sentence can he still get his green card and become a resident because iam a us citizen of the united states. and also will immigration pick him up after he's done with his sentence at doc? he already has an immigration court on October 14,2014 do to his second dui and was let out on a $6,ooo bond from immigration. will they give him another bond or just let him out from doc until his immigration court what can I do to prevent deportaion or removal of the united states for him??? please let me know as soon as possible thanks.

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Yes, it is likely that ICE will issue a detainer. The issues are more complicated as to whether he can stay. More information is needed. How long has he lived in the U. S.? Assuming that he can prove that he lived in the U. S. for ten years, the law allows the Immigration Judge to deny what is called non permanent resident cancellation of removal to an applicant who lacks good moral character.

Whether someone in your husband's situation lacks good moral character is decided on a case by case basis. It depends upon the facts and the discretion of the immigration judge. However, it is conceivable, but less likely that he will be approved for an immigration bond based upon his re-arrest. It will take both facts and incredibly time consuming efforts by an experienced immigration attorney to convince the judge that he should be granted relief.

You really need to hire an experienced immigration attorney

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You should contact an immigration attorney.


Given that ICE was already trying to deport him based on the first 2 DUIs, the third does not improve his chances. However, as Attorney Dixler explained, there may be some relief available to him depending on his personal and family circumstances. It will not be easy. Hire an attorney before his release date.

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