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Can a person's driving record be expunged (Wa)?

Tacoma, WA |

I was charged with a DUI 4 years ago in Washington state. I was granted a deferred prosecution. My license was suspended briefly by the DOL (DMV?).

Anyway, 4 years later, there are a couple job opportunities I'm intersted in applying for. They want to check my driving record.

So my question is kind of a 2 parter:
a) Will the suspension/charge/deferral show up on the employers DRIVING RECORD request? and
b) Can my DOL(or DMV) driving record be expunged/vacated/sealed similar ro a person's criminal record?

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a) Yes. Any alcohol-related suspension will show up as will a deferred prosecution.

b) No, you cannot expunge, vacate or seal anything on your DOL driving record. However, what gets reported to whom depends on how long ago the incident occurred and the reason for the request. For instance, committed tickets remain forever but are only reported to insurance companies for three years. Alcohol-related suspensions and DPs are reported to employers for driving related jobs for 99 years.


The suspension and the fact that you had a DUI will be found out in a back ground check. They do not expunge/vacate DUI charges, sorry. As it gets older the sting will get smaller so be up front with your job prospect and make sure there are no surprises.

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