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Can a person get deported if they get a felony charge and if i have a resident card ......

Los Angeles, CA |

is it true that if you go to jail for a felony ice can still pick you up once you come out of jail

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Yes, but its not as simple as you state. Depending on what the person is being charged with and what they are convicted of can make a big difference and there may not be immigration issues. A lot depends on how you handle the criminal case. You should speak to an attorney who also has a good knowledge of immigration consequences and pleas.

Elliot Zarabi

Elliot Zarabi 213-612-7720 This answer does not constitute full legal advise. I do not know the full details of the case and therefore cannot make a full determination on your case or your answer. I always recommend speaking to an attorney in detail regarding your case.


Yes, it's true. ICE will place a hold on such an individual so that, at the end of his sentence, he is not released but transferred to the custody of INS for deportation proceedings.

As my colleague said, this consequence needs to be taken into account in determining how to defend the case to avoid a conviction for a deportable offense.


I agree with what has been said so far. I join in only for purposes of suggesting that you repost your question under the Practice Area "Immigration" so that it will come to the attention of attorneys who have experienced in this specialized field of law. Good luck.



Brian Michaels