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Can a person get amnesty for a drug crimes of sales and possession of marijuana and crack in their early years?

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The drug sales and possession was for a small amount allowed under the law. My son (the offender) was adjudicated twice for the crack conviction. He was in his early twenties and now he is 31 years of age. He is unable to get employment or follow his career in his Building and Construction, although, he received his degree in the tech field.

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Amnesty? I think you mean clemency (a gubernatorial "pardon").....

Following is a little information about the pardon process (and everything that you ever wanted to know about it can be found at: ).

Sadly, at best an award of executive clemency is a veritable lottery drawing, and at worst it is truly a political process which is housed in a shroud of alleged fairness. In point of fact the odds of getting an award of a gubernatorial pardon are probably close to those for winning the lottery.

I hope that this has been helpful and wish your son the best of luck!

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Amnesty when he has already been convicted? No. Your words and wording make this confusing, but I think you might be asking about clemency. The best thing to do is to actually go see an attorney about this.

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I agree with Mr. Haber - it is REALLY difficult to obtain clemency. But, at the end of the day, should he not be convinced by the answers here, why not call someone where he lives, most lawyers (yes, even great ones) give free consultations.

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There is no amnesty in this situation. You can apply for a governors pardon, known as clemency, from the governors executive clemency board. This will not get you what you want, because you cannot seal or expunge that kind of pardon. All that allows is for restoration of certain civil rights such as the right to vote and maybe the right to bear arms. A pardon will also remove the conviction from being used to enhance a future criminal conviction sentence. It is very difficult to obtain a pardon but you can always fill out the forms from the governors clemency website and take a shot at it. There are lawyers who concentrate in the practice of doing this. You can seek them out right here on Avvo or do a search on the Internet for that specialized area of practice.

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No. If convicted it's there forever unless the governor is will to remove his record.

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