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Can a person be convicted from information of a informant that already have a case pending.?

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Informant called and ask the person to bring illegal drugs from one state to another and once agreed upon, she called a undercover agent that was off duty. The undercover agent then passed the information on to another undercover agent that was on duty, this agent set up a sting to arrest the person once he arrived across the state line. The off duty undercover agent testified that the informants work off there time by helping them to convict drug cases.

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The fact that an informant gets a benefit by setting you up and testifying in court is something that effects his credibility and pointing those things out might convince a jury to disbelieve that informant. If the undercover agent was present during the "sting operation" won't his or her testimony be sufficient to convince a jury that the person delivered the drugs. Yes a person can be convicted on the facts that you gave but it all depends on what is presented to the jury.


The short answer to your question is yes.

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