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Can a person apply for legal residency after crossing the border using someone else's birth certificate ?

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Someone wants me to help them with their residency application. They want me to say they live with me and I help support them. But I don't. Also, when they crossed the border using another persons birth certificate, they were finger printed and swore it was true. I don't want to get into trouble by lying? Does this person actually have a good chance of being approved? I don't believe so but they don't believe me.

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No one should ever lie on an application or document submitted to the government. It is a crime. The person who wants your help should see an immigration lawyer since what they want to do could get them arrested if the facts are as you states. A false claim to U.S. citizenship carries one of the harshest penalties in immigration law - permanent inadmissibility and a bar to most immigration benefits. It is also a felony under federal law. Very serious stuff if you're caught!!!


That person not only doesn't have any chance of being approved, but is also assured of being criminally prosecuted if caught.

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I don't want to get into trouble by lying?
Then don't.

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