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Can a parent terminate his rights if the ex-wife has no one to adopt the child?

Carnesville, GA |

The child is almost 12 years old, He does not wont to visit his dad. The dad pays child support and has visitation every other week. She has hired a lawyer and wants more support and no visitation or supervised .She and the child say he has a drinking problem she is going on when she lived with him. He is now remarried and has a son 2 yrs. old. In the divorce he got the house and a camper. her name is still on them, the lawyer he used quit claimed the property to him and she signed off. Now he is behind on the payments and it is ruining her credit. Is there any thing she can do about this? he cant refinance his credit is bad. Thanks for the advice

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It is unlikely that the judge will permit the parent to terminate his rights because the child needs his financial support. If he is concerned about visitation, he can certainly challenge the mother's attempts to end visitation. However, keep in mind, visitation and child support are separate and distinct.

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