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Can a non-immigrant worker travel outside US while criminal case is pending?

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I am a foreign national with a work visa in the US. My domestic violence case is pending but I need to travel to my home country and come back to the US.
What legal issues am I going to face when re-entering the US? Thank you.

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You should not have any issues since the case is still pending and there is no disposition. However, you should check the conditions of your release if any.
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Thank you.


I agree . Check with the Judge and or your criminal attorney to see if you are permitted to leave the country at all. If you leave without permission the judge can issue a warrant for your arrest

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Thank you, I will ask the judge.


Domestic violence is one of the many types of crimes that have a major impact on immigration matters. I think you should avoid travel if you can, but if the criminal court allows you to travel, and your criminal and immigration attorneys have both consulted with each other and both agree that travel is OK (which hopefully you have one of each for this) then leave, but understand that you very well may be stopped at the port of entry when you return for questioning. I've seen this happen before when people try to enter with a pending criminal matter.