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Can a non contractor, subcontractor or supplier still place a valid mechanics lien?

New York, NY |

I understand that anyone can place a lien, but do you need to be a contractor, sub contractor or supplier to get it to hold? I ask because I had a tenant that hired a contractor to renovate an apartment in my house in exchange for reduced rent. He wasn't paid anything except future reduced rent, and the job is still unfinished, and he won't finish it. Don't you have to be licensed to place a lien over $500? Unfortunately, he also did several unauthorized renovations damaging my property doing so, and I need to evict him. He might not get all his money back in this case, and I was wondering if he could place such a lien on the house. Thanks!

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In order to file a mechanic's lien for residential home improvement work in any of the NYC boroughs you must hold a valid NYC home improvement license.

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