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Can a newspaper publish a minors name, age, and crime without parents consent?

Brookings, OR |

My 17 year old is being charged as an adult in a crime and is being detained in a Juvenile department. The local newspaper placed an article on a story regarding the county running short on juvenile cash. In this article, the writer of the article decided to plug in my sons name and his crime and is blaming my son for the county's financial struggles. My question is can a newspaper or media in general publish a minors name? This whole situation is devastating already and having it in the paper has made it worse.

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Unfortunately the answer is yes, they can. Some news media will show discretion about publishing the name of a juvenile charged with a crime, but that is a personal/professional choice on the part of the individual writing the story. There is no law preventing the name of a defendant, even a juvenile defendant, from being used in news reports. The best thing to do is to get your son a lawyer to fight his case in court, if he does not already have one. Good luck.


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