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Can a new non-immigrant visa application form DS-160 be completed in the USA?

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My father has difficulty to complete a new non-immigrant visa application form DS-160 online. Can I prepare the Form DS-160 online in the USA and then send a confirmation page to the applicant? Can you explain how to do it?

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Yes, the DS-160 can be filled out in the USA.

It is advisable to save your progress every now and then, since the system still have some glitches and every 20 minutes the session expires. It can be very frustrating.

Once you finish filling out the DS-160, you need to print the confirmation receipt with the bar code and mail it to your father in China.

Good luck!


You can prepare the DS-160 for your father but he must review the form and electronically "sign" the form on-line. The link for the DS-160 is

From the DS-160 Website -- Notice 22 C.F.R.6 41.103 requires an applicant to sign and submit his or her own Nonimmigrant Visa Application unless otherwise exempt. Although the applicant may receive assistance from a third party in preparing the application, the applicant is required to click the “Sign Application” button at the end of the application. The applicant's failure to sign the application may result in a termination of the application.

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